About Us

Tastebrandy.com is an online store selling Serbian Slivovitz (natural fruit brandy made in traditional way of ripe plum). Apart from Slivovitz, we also sell other types of natural fruit brandies (grape, apricot, quince, apple, pear, etc).

Tastebrandy.com is the ownership of Damaskin Ltd. Novi Sad, Reg No. 20599430 by Serbian Companies Register, Tax No. 106426644.

Address: Damaskin Ltd, Bulevar Vojvode Stepe 79, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
Phone/ fax: +381 21 6390 608
Skype ID: tastebrandy (9 AM - 5 PM Central European Time)

Why Slivovitz?

Because it is high-quality brandy. Experts compare it to French cognac. Western Balkans, especially slopes and hills of Central Serbia, hide the most aromatic plum in the world. The plum grants its gorgeous flavour to the brandy. It has to be good!

Why us?

Because we deliver our products worldwide. We will send you the ordered parcel to any part of the world you desire, except to the countries that forbid consumption of alcoholic beverages. Brandy is excise-goods and is a little bit complicated for customs procedures. We assist to our customers with their customs authorities.