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Our Collection Address:

Nova logistika d.o.o.
Eugena Kvaternika 69
32000 Vukovar
Tel. +38599 649 4023 (for couriers only, please do not call this number for customer service)

How many bottles?

The maximum size of our parcels is 14 bottles. Packing more than 14 bottles into the same box would endanger all the bottles, and they might arrive broken. The couriers are not too gentle with the parcels.

Bottles Weights.

1 bottle of 0.7l = 1.2 kg approximately
1 bottle of 1 l = 1.7 kg approximately
Eg. You order 10 bottles, 7 bottles of 0.7 l, and 3 bottles of 1 l. Weight 7 x 1.2 kg + 3 x 1.7 kg =8.4 kg + 5.1 kg = 13.5 kg. Eurosender will charge you for a parcel 10-20 kg.

You can calculate the shipping cost yourself.

Some bottles are overweight (eg. pear brandy with ripe pear inside the bottle), and some are over sized and they need more space inside the cardbox. We reserve the right to inform you on the possible higher shipping cost than expected. But we’ll ask you if you agree first.


We’ve created 36-cans products of beers, just to fit into 20 kg parcel (measured by weight). If you order 36 cans of beer+ something else, please be aware that the beer product weights 20 kg itself, and additional items weights will be added to the beer. Eg. Order 36 cans of beer + 2 bottles 1 L = 20 kg + 2 x 1.7 kg = 23.40 kg. You will be billed for a parcel 20-30 kg range.

What if I order more than 14 bottles?

No problem. We’ll prepare 2 boxes.
So, if you order 19 bottles, we’ll prepare 2 boxes: 14+5. But you’ll be charged by Eurosender for 2 parcels.

What if I ordered more than 14 bottles, and I don’t want to pay the shipping for 2 parcels?

No problem. If you ordered 19 bottles and you want to pay just one shipping price, we’ll send the 14 bottles in one parcel and refund the money for the extra 5 items to your account. We don’t bother with refunding.

What is Eurosender?

Eurosender is an online platform owned by Post Luxembourg that hires various couriers to ship the parcels in Europe, depending on the collection and destination address, weight and parcel dimensions. Various couriers may pickup parcels of various sizes, even if shipped on the same route. Eursender calculates the optimal shipping rates, based on courier’s offers for the selected route.

Why did I pay different amount for shipping from what is published on your shop?

Please be aware that we don’t regulate the shipping prices, we just copy them from Eurosender’s site. As soon as we notice a difference, we strive to update the shipping prices on our site as soon as possible.

Who will deliver my parcel?

DPD, GLS, Hermes... who usually delivers parcels to your area. They all cooperate and it is possible that one courier picks up the parcel from us and the other one delivers it to you. Eurosender is a platform for hiring various couriers. Eurosender does not carry the parcels.

How do I track the parcel?

When you receive the link to book the shipping in an email from Eurosender, you’ll be able to track your parcel on the same shipping link once it’s collected from us.

I didn’t receive an email with a link to book the shipping from Eurosender.

Please look for it in your Spam/Junk folder. If it isn’t there, drop us a line, we’ll manage it.

The courier wasn’t able to collect the parcel from your depot. I saw it on the tracking page. What now?

Nothing. Sometimes the couriers mark the parcel as uncollectable even if they didn’t have it on their daily collection list. We shall ask them to collect it tomorrow. Nothing is required from your side.

I wasn’t home when courier tried to deliver. What now?

Unfortunately the couriers are not obliged to give you a phone call before they arrive. They should try to deliver the parcel 3 times. After that they’ll leave it in their local depot. You can go there and collect it. Just tell them the tracking number and the recipient’s (your) name.

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