Apple Brandy Аrkanj Kovilj Monastery

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Apple Brandy Аrkanj Kovilj Monastery



0,7 l, 40% alc.

Apple brandy distilled from cider by traditional Calvados receipe and aged for 3 years in oak in 13- century Orthodox Monastery of Kovilj.

he Kovilj monks make the brandy according to traditional French receipe for Calvados: the fruit is harvested (either by hand or mechanically) and pressed into a juice that is fermented into a dry cider. It is then distilled into eau de vie. It ages in oak casks in a Monastery cellar for at least 3 years.


about brandystrongly recommended 5 / 5
Excellent! Your senses are enriched by the pleasant aroma of apple and cider, various fragrances of excellent oak cask and nice tawny colour. The monks have shown the world how extrordinary brandy is made!


Kovilj Monastery

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bar kod 8606105670050

Monastery of Kovilj is situated in northern Serbian province Vojvodina, nearby Novi Sad. It was founded by Saint Sava in the early 13th century. Saint Sava was a prince and the first archbishop of Serbian Orthodox Church. The Monastery was built on the spot where Saint Sava healed the son of the Hungarian King Andrew II. Monastery has a large brotherhood, school of iconography and produces reputable cheese, wine and brandy.