Apple Brandy Savicevic

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Item location: EU, Croatia



0.7 l, 42% alc.

Crafted from the highest quality apples from mountainous region of Ivanjica. Colourless and crystal clear, unique aroma of apple and sweet apple.

Apple brandy is produced according to the traditional recipes with respect to modern norms and standards. Brandy is distilled in a copper brandy still, heated with an open wood flame, and treated with distilled water, which comes from the mountain Golija (The World Biosphere Reserve under UNESCO protection).



apple Brandy wood barrel fresh brandy brandy glass cold Brandy Aperitiv and Digestive drink

about brandy recommended 4 / 5
This apple brandy is not lagging at all behind famous French Calvados! Nice fruit smell, but it makes you confused.


Savicevic Distillery

Savicevic Rakija is in the Morava district, in central Serbia, near the town Ivanjica. Ivanjica region is known for many good traditional family brandies. In the production Savicevic Rakija gives special respect to an old family recipe, which is transmitted for generations, 300 years ago.


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