Apricot Brandy Harmony 6 Years Old

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Item location: EU, Croatia




0,75 l, 40% alc.

Crystal clear natural brandy distilled of fermented apricots, very pleasant aperitive and digestive, bearing its fruity fragrance of apricot, very favourable to palates.

The apricots of the orchards own and cherished by the Skerlic family are pitted before left to ferment. The brandy is aged in stainless steel for 6 years, in order to become stabilized and calm, before it is bottled. The brandy is harmonious and potable.


about brandy strongly recommended 5 / 5
If you were expecting an apricot liqueur with strong aroma, you were mistaken. The aroma is strong and recognizeable, you feel what it is made of, but this is a brandy. A brandy made of fruit with all its sharpness and mildness at the same time. Recommendations!


A small family distillery of supreme brandy, this is the shortest definition of the Skerlic Cellar. Situated in Toplica, central part of central Serbian region of Sumadija, known for its mild hills and favourable climate, Sumadija is also known for its famous brandy Slivovitz. The climate choses the types of fruit that is grown here, resistant to the drughts in July and August, that shapes the aroma of its brandies. The Skerlics make brandy of the fruit from their own orchards, controlling the fruit while it is still on the trees. Their orchards are made up of several acres of slopes and all family members are included in the business. Zoran Skerlic, head of the family, is in charge of the most important activity: aging of the brandy in the family cellar. „We make brandy that spreads heat all over your body when you drink it“, he says.


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