Apricot Brandy Lukic Cellar






0.5 l, 43.5% alc.

Colourless and clear brandy distilled of apricot with pleasant fruit odor and aroma.

Brandy produced from fully ripe apricots, without pits. After the tradional double distillation, the brandy calmed down its fruity vividness and made it balanced and potable.


	apricot		Brandy barrel		old brandy		brandy glass		Brandy room temperature		Aperitiv and Digestive drink

about brandy 	recommended		4 / 5
Brandy with full taste, intensive, rich odor of apricots. Very good as aperitif or digestif. I do recommend it to hedonists.


bar code 8606106501049 Apricot Brandy Lukic Celler
bar code 8606106501049

Lukic Cellar is family economy from Serbia that produces fruit brandies from its own orchards for more than one century. Their orchards are dominated by plum, varietes Pozegaca and Rodna. The brandy is distilled through double distillation and aged in oak. The most famous product is Plum Brandy Decade.



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