Apricot Brandy Ognjena

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Clear and colourless brandy hand- crafted of ripe apricot in traditional way

0.7 l, 42% alc.

Brandy of strong fruity odor of apricot.

Ripe apricot from Central- west Serbia, carefully selected and smashed, is left to ferment for 3 weeks. Distilling process is traditional. Fruity aroma and pleasant fragrance have to be preserved during distilling.


apricot Brandy wood barrel old brandy brandy glass cold Brandy Aperitiv and Digestive drink

about brandy decent 3 / 5
Apricot brandy is always confusing: fruity fragrance and alcoholic strength. This one is of the kind: it is mild for a brandy, but sharp for the palate. Well preserved aroma and odor. A school example.


Rakija Ognjena Brothers Tomasevic Distillery

The Tomasevic Brothers continue the family tradition of hand-crafting fruit brandies of the supreme quality. The distillery is situated in Prijepolje, western Serbia and the area is abundant with the most aromatic fruit of the highest quality. The distillation is done in old, traditional way


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