Apricot Brandy Perun

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Apricot Brandy Perun



0,7 l, 40% alc.

Apricot brandy, colorless and crystal clear with very pleasant fruity fragrance and aroma.

Ripe apricot is harvested, smashed and left to ferment for a couple weeks. It is distilled in traditional way. After that it must be aged in oak for three years.


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When it took a little brandy in the mouth, the impression is like you are eating ripe apricot.


Artisani Distillery

In Perun Distillery, it all begins with fruits. They grab the essence of what the nature gives. There is no compromise when it comes to their process of making premium brandy. The perfect fruits, the perfect production process leads to the perfect brandy. It really is that simple.


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