Apricot Brandy Premier

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0.7 l, alc. 42%

Fruit brandy of apricots.

Apricot brandy has honorable place among brandies from the Balkans because of its aroma. It was obtained by traditional double distillation process. It has been aged till the fruity ingredients calmed down, letting lavish fragrance of fresh apricot to develop in a bottle.


	apricot		Brandy wood barrel		old brandy		brandy glass		cold Brandy		Aperitiv and Digestive drink

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Premier apricot brandy is challenge for everyone. It has fantastic aroma, smooth, sweet taste and it is brandy for every party!


ProMont group has established one of the youngest distilleries in Serbia. Technology process is controlled from fruit picking to aging and bottling. Their Premier Brandies are characterized and recognized as brandies of modern design and bradies that bear a lot of love involved in distilling them. " Designed for brandy experts and those who respect natural, good brandies."

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