Apricot Brandy Simex

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Apricot brandy, colorless and crystal clear

0.7 l, 43% alc.

Brandy with very pleasant fruity fragrance and aroma of double- distilled beverage.

Ripe apricot is harvested, smashed and left to ferment for at least three weeks. It is distilled and re-distilled in traditional way in order to gain the desired level of alcoholic strength. Fruitful fragrance has to be preserved during distillation.


apricot Brandy wood barrel fresh brandy brandy glass cold Brandy Aperitiv drink

about brandy can be tasted 2 / 5
I expected much more of an apricot brandy: its source, its well, Her Majesty the Apricot had to be much more preserved and emphasized. The fruity odor is not developed as it was supposed to be


bar code 8600101698742 Apricot Brandy Simex
bar code 8600101698742

Simex Destilerija

Simex Subotica, Northern Serbia is one of the leading Serbian alcoholic beverage producers. It has wide assortment of over 40 types of fruit brandies, liqueurs and other spirits of medium quality, massively produced.


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