Buy Bitter Pelinkovac UK | Alcoholic beverage aged with medicinal herbs. Lower alcohol, sweet-bitter taste, pleasant as aperitif or digestive in the evening, with lemon and ice.

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Badel Antique Pelinkovac Badel Antique Pelinkovac

The recepy for Badel Pelinkovac Antique is one of the oldest and best kept recepies in Badel 1862’ archive.

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Bitter Badel Lavov Bitter Badel Lavov

Badel distillery is one of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages and wines in Croatia. Their main beverage is Badel Prima Vignac.

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Bitter Pelinkovac Badel Bitter Pelinkovac Badel

Badel Pelinkovac is the oldest and most famous Croatian herbal liqueur, made of brandy which ages with selected herbs

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Bitter Pelinkovac Maraska Bitter Pelinkovac Maraska
The traditional recipe based on compliance wormwood and carefully selected herbs....See More about Bitter Pelinkovac Maraska
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Bitter Pelinkovac Premier Zvecevo Bitter Pelinkovac Premier Zvecevo
Bitter liqueur is product of aromatic and medicinal plants....See More about Bitter Pelinkovac Premier Zvecevo
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Bitter Pelinkovac Simex Bitter Pelinkovac Simex

Bitter with the aroma of absinth and other medicinal herbs, slightly sweet slightly bitter, golden colour

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Bitter Pelinkovac Zvecevo Bitter Pelinkovac Zvecevo
This bitter liqueur is a product of aromatic and medicinal plants...See More about Bitter Pelinkovac Zvecevo
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Bitter Secret Liqueur Bitter Secret Liqueur

Mild brandy with medicinal herbs

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Herbal Liqueur Bitter Leaf Herbal Liqueur Bitter Leaf

Bitters made of 27 medicinal herbs, absinth dominating

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Herbal Liqueur Pelinkovac Dalmacijavino Herbal Liqueur Pelinkovac Dalmacijavino
Herbal liqueur Pelinkovac Dalmacijavino is the oldest Croatian herbal liqueur....See More about Herbal Liqueur Pelinkovac Dalmacijavino
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Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products)