Bitter Gorki list

106,69kr 25% z DDV

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1 l, 28% alc.

Bitters made of 27 medicinal herbs, absinth dominating

A very good mild brandy which matures with 27 medicinal herbs. Receipt dates back in 1953.


bitter Brandy wood barrel fresh brandy brandy glass herbal green yellow Brandy room temperature Aperitiv and Digestive drink

about brandy recommended 4 / 5
Very popular drink in Serbia. Not quite bitter, not quite sweet. When you don-t want to drink anything else, you take this.


Gorki list Subotica Distillery

bar code 8606001830992 Herbal Liqueur Bitter Leaf
bar code 8606001830992

Elegant and well balanced bitter liqueur, made as a combination of natural plant extracts.


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