Bitter Herbal Brandy Travarica Of Priest Ljuba

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0,75 l, 40% alc.

Dark amber fruit brandy aged in oak with medicinal herbs that grant their bitterness and healing effect to the brandy; strong aperitif good for digestion stimulation.

Natural brandy distilled of various mixed fruit in traditional way is left fopr aging in oak barrels with several medicinal herbs. The most dominant of the herbs is wormwood that grants its pungent bitter taste to the brandy, but also dark colour. That's why such herbal brandy is recommended for digestion stimulation, blood pressure regulation and low depressions.


about brandy recommended 4 / 5
If you choose a right moment to have a glass or two, this bitter brandy will not make you face grimaces. On the contrary, it spreads warmth all over your stomach and body. But one is quite enough.


The household of the Orthodox priest Ljubomir Volarevic is situated in Sremska Mitrovica, north-west of Serbia, nearby the ancient Roman capital of Sirmium. Although being a local parish priest, father Ljubomir did not want the wineyards and orchards that he inherited from his grandfather to be neglected. So he started to produce wine and distill brandy just for his parishioners. Nowadays his winery and distillery employ all his family members, and the orchards are certainly renewed and improved. He kept his ancestor's will and their wine and brandy is heard of out of Sirmium. „A brandy with a blessing“, father Ljubomir says with a smile.


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