Bitter Pelinkovac Simex

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Bitter with the aroma of absinth and other medicinal herbs

1 l, 28% alc.

Liqueur slightly sweet slightly bitter, golden colour

Naturally distilled alcohol is added the aroma of absinth and other medicinal herbs. Ages for a while.


bitter Brandy wood barrel fresh brandy brandy glass herbal green yellow Aperitiv and Digestive drink

about brandy can be tasted 2 / 5
Before pelinkovac as a kind of evening drink was popularized among youth, it was considered to be mild drink dedicated to the alcoholics. Well, I still stick to the old-fashioned point of view.


Simex Destilerija

bar code 8600101698186 Bitter Pelinkovac Simex
bar code 8600101698186

Simex Subotica, Northern Serbia is one of the leading Serbian alcoholic beverage producers. It has wide assortment of over 40 types of fruit brandies, liqueurs and other spirits of medium quality, massively produced.


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