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News about Brandies and Slivovitz form Balkan and Serbia

Serbian Brandy Tasting Event At The London School Of Economics

London School Of Economics Bacchus Wine Society organized a Serbian Brandy Tasting Event. LSE Bacchus promotes Serbian culture, cuisine and spirit. They organize a trip to Serbia in June for their members. Tastebrandy supported the event and supplied the 6 types of brandy slivovitz. The Bacchanalians tasted:

  1. Golden Thread of Gruza Plum Brandy 7 years old
  2. Old Falcons Plum Brandy 12 years old
  3. Green Walnut Liqueur Kovilj Monastery
  4. Quince Brandy Kovilj Monastery
  5. Williams Pear Brandy Kovilj Monastery, and
  6. Bitter Mistique


This spring Bacchus is planning a trip to Serbia to enjoy the unique food and drink it has to offer. Serbia is one of the most arable lands in Europe and has a long history of winemaking. However you may not have ever tried them because only 5% of Serbian wine is exported, and rarely to Western Europe.


Plum Brandy Golden Thread Masterpiece. One of the best slivovitz in the world, aged in oak barrels for 7 years. Rubin- gold dark amber colour, optimal density and balanced proportion of alcohol and acids. While drinking it one has a feeling of pleasure that is spreading all over a body. Its more alike French cognac and it is often served in cognac glasses.


Old Falcons 12 Years Old Plum Brandy. Probably the most wide know old slivovitz. A bit of acerbity is typical for a young slivovitz, due to tannin from the plum skin. Slivovtz that ages in oak barrel for 12 years becomes soft and pleasant. The Old Falcons is very dense and “concentrated” plum brandy: a glass or two is quite enough.


3.Green Walnut Liqueur Kovilj Monastery. Green means unripe. Before the walnut is not yet fully ripe, its skin contains some very aromatic and healing substances. The brandy cannot be distilled of walnut, but unripe walnut is macerated in colourless fruit brandy, usually pear and apple brandy. Actually, this is a medicinal brandy enriched with tannin and colour of unripe walnut with lower alcoholic content. Serbian Orthodox Monastery Kovilj has developed it Green Walnut liqueur to perfection.


Quince and Williams Pear Brandy Kovilj Monastery. One man deserves credit for developing such tasty fruit brandies in Kovilj Monastery. Monk Kalinik came to the Monastery a decade ago. His task was to handle the Monastery fruit. As the years were passing, he was falling in love with the fruit. A result is a series of 6 excellent fruit brandies, which make the top of Serbian fruit brandies. Pear and Quince brandy are very aromatic aged brandies that preserved the specific fruity aroma.


Bitter Mistique. This bitter is actually a medicinal herbal brandy, gained by macerating the 54 different herbs in fruit brandy. The herbs colour and enrich the brandy, making it a bit pungent. 54 of them have all different aromas, therefore the Bitter is very complex, refreshing and pleasant at the same time.

slivovice8 slivovice9 slivovice10 slivovice12 slivovice13 slivovice14 slivovice15 slivovice16

This is the Feedback in general that Bacchus sent to us:

“1. People were really impressed with quality – they loved all of them – but least favourite was the travarica (this is to be expected of course).
2. No burn! Really good quality
3. Couldn’t believe these were 40% alcohol. It was so smooth (dunjevaca and kruska) that they thought these were 20%. They couldn’t believe it when I told them they were 40%.
4. People really enjoyed it in general and we played some Boban Markovic and Goran Bregovic along with current pop stars – aka Severina.
Good atmosphere. “

I Finally Found Out What “Pálenka” Is

Serbia is the perfect destination for anyone planning to embark on an adventurous voyage devoid of any long flight and a suitable atmosphere for lovers to ignite the passion within them. You get a perfect mix of an exotic location, where the tectonic plates of Orthodox Christianity, socialism, capitalism have all collided in the past.

buy_brandy_belgrade_kalemegdanSerbia is in the South-East Europe and constitutes a central part of the Balkan Peninsula with vast northern plateaus and mountains with ski resorts to the south. Capital city Belgrade is home to Communist-era architecture and Kalemegdan Park, site of an ancient fortress held successively by the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Floating nightclubs on the Danube and Sava rivers are a distinctive part of the city’s nightlife.

You often hear people talk about adventure travel and you may start thinking what adventure travel is in the actual sense. Adventure travel doesn’t mean you have to put yourself in harm’s way. It is for you to experience new atmosphere characterized with fun to lighten up your mood and life and ultimately get to the root of tradition and culture peculiar to your travel destination.

There is no particular way to make your travel to Serbia hell of a wonderful experience than to loosen up and bring in your creativity in an amazing way. One thing that must be borne in mind while trying to make your Serbia adventure a memorable experience is to make sure every moment goes brandy with the Serbia spirit.

Slivovitz is a fruit brandy made from Damson plums, often referred to as plum brandy. Slivovitz is produced in Central and Eastern Europe, both commercially as well as homemade. Primary producers are in Serbia and some other countries. In the Balkans it is part of the category of drinks called Rakia, while in Hungary it is part Pálinka; in the Czech Republic and Slovakia Pálenka, which all are the same concept.

Interestingly, no one travels to Serbia without returning to their homes with the Serbia spirit. Whether you are having a chit-chat with your relations in the green park or a dinner with your co-adventurers, the Serbia spirit will help spark it up.

You are just a step a way to feel the spirit of Serbia and make your adventure legendary.

This will be your most remarkable travel ever with the lingering Serbia spirit.

Walter, Djokovic and Rakija: How Chinese Recognize Serbia

We are happy that our Chinese friends found their stars in the personality of our famous actor Bata Zivojinovic, as well as Novak Djokovic. I think Djokovic has notlost  even one of his games in China, said Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic recently during the visit of Chinese Prime Minister Keqiang to Serbia.

The Beijing reporters asked Serbian Prime Minister what were Serbian plans for country’s promotion in China, since the country is already known for Walter (Defending Sarajevo) and Djokovic. He responded:

“The Chinese surroundings and climate are very normal for Djokovic. I believe Serbia will suit it as well”.

buy grape brandy

The Prime Minister Keqiang said Serbian Grape Brandy is also known and appreciated in China, besides Walter and Novak.

“It is becoming better as it is older. I certainly hope Serbian-Chinese realtionships will look alike”, said Keqiang.


Buy Brandy Online UK: Customs Charge

3 Things You Should Know About How To Avoid Duty When Buying Spirits From Abroad To UK


In we deal with international parcels delivered worldwide every day. A significant portion of our parcels is delivered to the customers in the UK. UK has the third highest excise duty rate in the EU (right after Sweden and Ireland) and our UK customers understand that if they buy their favourite fruit brandy on tastebrandy and receive it uncharged, they had a very good bargain.


Very often, the price of the whole brandy is smaller than the UK  excise duty itself. We assist our buyers every day advising them how to avoid UK customs duty. This text is part of our „manual“.



2-3 bottles are usually not charged by HMRC.

Although each drop of alcoholic spirit should be charged if the parcel arrives from a non-EU country, HMRC has the instruction not to charge parcels if the charged amount is too small. They can’t afford to charge every single parcel. So many parcels every day… And HMRC has its internal targets…



Avoid couriers! Courier parcels have a completely different regime of customs inspection. If you order your brandy to be delivered by courier service to UK (Fedex, TNT, DHL), it will be delivered in 2-3 business days. Really fast! But you have to be aware you will be charged VAT, excise duty and administrative cost. If the brandy arrives from a country that is not a candidate for EU membership, customs duty as well will be charged. All of this can be as high as 150% of what you already paid for the brandy and the shipping. Totally opposite to the postal parcels, courier parcels have no exemptions: every drop of spirit is charged.

So, we suggest you to use courier delivery only if you really need it fast (expecting guests for the weekend, forgot that your grandpa has birthday in 3 days…), but be ready to pay for the speed.

Our experience shows that 89.7% of our customers would wait longer for its parcel if there4 would be no customs charges.



It happens sometimes that the parcel arrives in UK without customs declaration, invoice and other documents that were supposed to be attached to the parcel. Only the recipient’s name. HMRC Officers will open the parcel, examine its contents and determine the eventual customs charges. Since UK Customs Officers don’t know what is the price of the brandy from your parcel in Serbia and at what price you bought it, they will take as the basis for charging- their own catalogue values. Which means: you will be charged as if you bought the brandy in the UK. We all know that UK brandy prices are at least half higher than prices of the brandy in Serbia. But they simply have no other way to determine the value.

This is the reason why we always put one copy of the invoice inside the parcel. Because, the postmen always claim it’s not their fault.

If you order your brandy from any other web shop outside of UK or EU, ask the sender to attach one extra copy of the invoice to the parcel. The paper’s not that expensive as the postmen’s sloppiness.


Based on 5 years experience of plum brandy slivovitz mail delivery business from Serbia.

Sanda Brought Slivovitz To Russians

by Tanjug

The President of DSS Sanda Raskovic Ivic brought a few bottles of homemade brandy from Kosovo to donate Russian politicians and officials whom she visited. Received a teapot from the host.

Sanda Raskovic Ivic didn’t travel to Russia empty handed. DSS leader, as gift to Moscow politicians, officials and representatives of the sister parties, brought a special bottle of homemade Serbian brandy from Kosovo and Metohija.
In return she received a special pouch Russian tea and teapot.

For her speech in the Russian Duma, Sanda has prepared a new “second leg”. She decided to write a speech in Russian and say it without an interpreter, although she admits that she hasn’t spoken Russian for years.