Elderberry – Cure and a Liquor

Elderberry – Cure and a Liquor

Staying healthy should always be one of the priorities of every modern man/woman. Over the last two decades countless programs, diets, etc. were developed in order to help us live better and longer. But, what seems to be forgotten is that simple, old-fashioned principle of how to stay in shape and to look for a better tomorrow. Also, most of this modern method are not meant for pleasure, which takes all the fun from it.

My grandfather always had a glass of wine or a shot of brandy each day, and he lived way longer than I think I’ll live. The alcohol doesn’t have to be bad necessarily. The secret is in the way is consumed. Also, it can be used as a medication as well. What came to some genius’s mind is to combine one of the most healthier plants with alcohol and make a brandy out of it, elderberry brandy!

Elderberry‘s use is versatile. First of all, it cleanses the blood cells and respiratory system. Secondly, it’s helping the organism to stay well-protected from any outside attacks. Juice made out of elderberries is quite famous and on top of that, very tasty. When I heard about the brandy made from them, I was simply delighted.

At first, it doesn’t look anything special. Just a clear liquor, something like vodka. But once you pop the cork you can feel the delight. The smell is the same as from juice or syrup. The texture, on the other hand, is not, since it’s transparent, and not that dense. But, what is very interesting that even with alcohol it still contains all the healthy features of elderberry. It takes around 30 pounds of the ripe elderberry to produce one liter of the brandy, but it’s worth it. The taste is very rich, both in terms of alcohol and the aroma. It runs smooth to your stomach and you can feel refreshment once it’s down.

The production of this brandy is still not that massive, but you can buy it in the UK if you know where. I highly suggest it to the healthy-oriented person who knows how to drink. It’s not that hard, so it’s great for the ladies as well.