Falcon Vinjak

Falcon Vinjak

I wrote about legendary Rubin Vinjak and its origins, also I have written about Old Falcon brand of brandy. Both have the exquisite background and quality, and when you mix them you get something new with characteristics of both. Rubin is not the only maker that produces vinjak as a kind of Serbian cognac, but in most cases, other producers make only pale copies of the original. With Old Falcon tackling vinjak production, it’s a totally different story.

For those who are not informed, vinjak is a special distillate of wine or grapes. It’s usually dark amber color with a high alcohol percentage. What defines Rubin’s vinjak is its specific taste and aroma, but Falcon vinjak is a new approach to the traditional drink.

Instead of using wine and its derivates, Falcon is made out of four different sorts of grapes. Each sort brings something into its taste and smell. The biggest trick is in Smederevka, which is not used for wine, but it goes great for its distillates. This sort gives the Falcon that special something that puts it neck and neck with Rubin.

Falcon vinjak has a dark amber color thanks to oak barrel maturation. After distilling the vinjak rests inside the cool chamber for three years. During this time the blend of four grape sorts becomes well balanced also. The alcohol kicks very strong at first, but with time you can feel the mildness coming from Smederevka. I must admit that the smell is not bad at all. There is a certain tone of smoke and sweetness residue on the pallet after a few sips, which gives a great overall experience to this brandy.

On top of everything, the design of the bottle is very unique. Old Falcon makers always do their best when it comes to visual presentation, so they did with this one. In general, this brandy will sit perfectly in your cabin and inside your stomach.