Golden Thread of Gruza

The color is typically amber-like, but very clear and not that dense.
преузимањеProbably one of the smoothest plum brandies I have ever tried. There is no vigorous alcohol smell and taste typical for this kind of drink, instead you’ll feel fresh floral taste combined with lemon zest. It was quite refreshing, similar to some summer cocktail. Golden Thread of Gruza comes from the region well known for slivovitz production, but it jumps above the competition in various ways. The most producers use only one or two types of plum when they are making their spirits, but Golden Tread of Gruza is made from amazing eight different plums which all contribute to its specific aroma.
The first impression I had came from the bottle which is elegant and it has won several prizes on some of the most respected spirit competitions. Clear glass with a blue label, golden lettering and old-fashioned cork leaves impression of seriousness and class.
Smell of this slivovitz was amazingly different from any other I had so far. As mentioned before there was a certain lemon zest which reminded me of lazy summer spent in the shade with a glass of this brandy. You can almost see the blooms of apricot after a detail smell.
The color is typically amber-like, but very clear and not that dense. Once stirred it leaves beautiful garland of white bubbles on top.
Its harmonious taste makes it very drinkable without the usual notorious attack of alcohol. Every bottle spent seven years in a cellar tucked in away from the sun. Time spent in the barrels adds more to its aftertaste and thanks to the wood this slivovitz gets a note of nutmeg and clove. Main aroma that you’ll feel for quite some time is somewhere between fruits and flowers.
Generally speaking, if you are into fresh, but yet hard liquor you should put Golden Thread of Gruza on your list. I’m sure you’ll be amazed and confused in the same time how something with that high content of alcohol can still be so crisp.aa048f48b41c67ecc8ba42923cdf1dd6