Honey for the Honeys

Honey for the Honeys

Brandy production is a usual thing in the Balkan area. The people are doing it for centuries, and it’s quite rooted in the culture of each nation there. Usually, the men would distil fruits in the fall, gather around the batch and tell stories while drinking fresh or old brandy. With time, this practice changed and the girls got involved it the whole story. That’s how we got some pretty smooth, but still strong brandies over the last few decades.

The most famous brandy that is delicate for the women in Balkan is brandy with honey. This came out of nowhere almost, and now holds one of the highest positions when it comes to sales. Because of its mild taste, but yet strong alcohol contents this type of brandy found its way everywhere, from fancy restaurants to clubs.

Usually, regular grape or plum brandy is left to rest in an oak barrel with the honey or the whole honeycomb inside. After some time, sugar from both would blend into one, increasing the intensity of taste and density. Almost every honey brandy I have tried is almost oozy, but thanks to this characteristic the richness of the taste is amplified and it stays inside of your mouth longer.

What is also interesting about this kind of brandy is its strong floral aroma. There is no alcohol odor at all, which makes it very drinkable. The best way to consume it is if it sits on ice for some time. This helps the brandy to become denser and to slide better down the throat. The feeling on the pallet is like if you take a spoon of honey, literally. Just don’t be fooled with its sweetness, because it will strike you hard after only a few shots.

A variety of honey brandies could be bought in the UK as well, so don’t hesitate and give it a try. In my opinion, it’s a great thing to serve by the pool or even heated during the long winter nights.