How to Make Your Brandy Mature Faster

How to Make Your Brandy Mature Faster

It’s well-known fact that every drink gets its full taste and quality after years of maturing inside of barrels. Some drinks like wood more, while some prefer metal or glass. In both cases, this maturing process helps any drink gain in taste, color, texture and of course originality. Sometimes, especially in mass production, there is not enough time for the drink to mature well. But, there are some techniques that help producers speed up this process.

First and foremost none of these methods can’t be harmful to the consumers! Secondly, the methods used can’t drastically change the nature of the spirit. If you are into making good brandy, especially slivovitz, these few will help you with its maturing process.


The basic way the most distilleries use is simple mixing of two brandies. Freshly distilled one is left to rest for at least six weeks, and after that is mixed with equal amount of old, well-colored and mature brandy. The barrels are rolled around for few hours, so the brandies can blend perfectly. The is applicable for both colored and transparent brandies. The only difference is the barrel material. For colored you should use wooden and for transparent glass barrels.

Express Maturing

A bit unconventional method, but it’s working. The fruit that is used for the destination is frozen and then defrosted in a microwave until it lets out the juice. That juice is added into the barrel. This juice will increase the intensity of taste, and improve the color of the brandy.

Oak Stick

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it serves the purpose. The stick is first laid inside the 0,5% solution of sodium hydroxide for three days. Afterward, it’s put into the 0,5% solution of potassium permanganate, also for three days. When this is done, the stick is tanned on the fire and put inside the barrel. After only five to six months you’ll have a well-matured brandy.