Imperian Plum Brandy

Imperian is very close to perfection.
imperian_plum_slivovitz__18860.1339608606.1280.1280When it comes to plum brandies from Balkan you need to be well informed about them in order to drink them right and to know which one is good. There are certain criteria for all plum brandies that separates them to different quality groups. First of all, you’ll have to know which plums are being used, which process did the maker use to make them, how long were they maturing and in which kind of barrels. All this affects their color, aroma and taste. Also, this affects their strength when it comes to alcohol.
Not everyone likes hard liquor, but no one said that hard liquor has to be too hot for you to drink it. Only great masters of distillation know how to make something with the high percentage of alcohol, but still very pleasant for you palate and stomach. Imperian Plum Brandy is one of the greatest examples of good brandy production.
Every batch of this slivovitz is made from Damson plum which is carefully selected and left for fermentation. Rich with sugar this plum is perfect for brandy-making because it gives the perfect amount of alcohol and taste. Without any artificial additives and after three years in oak barrel Imperian is very close to perfection.
The bottle is designed that way so you can assume what kind of brandy you will be drinking. Simple, serious and classy.
The color is typical for plum brandies that were maturing in oak, dark amber with nice density. This color doesn’t have to mean that this is good, but Imperian proves itself with other characteristics.
With the cork removed you’ll instantly feel that hard alcohol odor with just a little bits of plum aroma. There is a certain percentage of smoke that you can feel, but alcohol covers all other aromas.
And then it comes surprise! For something with such high alcohol percentage and smell, you’ll stay amazed how soft and smooth this brandy is. There is no unpleasant taste or burning in both your mouth and stomach. Instead, you’ll get very rich plum taste sliding down your throat. Imperian is a serious drink for serious people with developed brandy palate. It is made for pleasure and enjoyment during late hours or as an aperitif.IMPERIAN Sljiva ekskluziv AS Group Kopaonik