Montenegro – Grape Brandy

Montenegro – Grape Brandy

When we talk about brandy first thing that crosses everyone’s mind is a dark or goldish color and dense texture. But, who told you brandy has to be colored? One of my favorite brandies is made from grapes, and most of those is made transparent. On the first sight it looks like vodka, but it’s much better from it in every possible aspect.

Montenegro grape brandy is my favorite and I think it will always stay on top of my transparent brandy list forever. Its producers knew what they are doing when they’ve brought it to this world. When you are making a grape brandy it’s very hard to achieve the balance between taste and strength of this liquor. But, Montenegro is the best proof of perfection.

The secret of this drink is well hidden, so it only remains to us, consumers, to guess why it’s so good. One of the first things that cross my mind is the mixture of two varieties of grape, Vranac, and Kratosija. Both are specific in their own way, and again, totally different one from another. Characteristics of both can be sensed, but when it comes to taste, Vranac dominates.

The batch contains an equal amount of both types of grape which are crushed whole and distilled. After the fermentation, brandy is kept for two years inside of an inox tanks. Low temperature helps maturation of this brandy, so that’s why it’s best served chilled. It goes perfectly as an aperitif with refection.

The smell of Montenegro grape brandy is very deep. It takes some time, to actually recognize the notes and the aroma of it. At first, you can only sense alcohol, but then, fruity aroma kicks in and freezes your brain. Grape is quite refreshing in general, and that’s what you’ll feel after only one sip.

If you are not a wine lover, but you do dig grapes, you should try Montenegro. It’s not the pride and joy of the nation for no reason.