Serbian Bell – Blackberry Brandy

Serbian Bell – Blackberry Brandy

One of my favorite things about Serbia is the county’s strong liquor-production tradition. Some families have been doing this for centuries now, and you can really feel this dedication in each sip of their products. Each brandy I’m writing about is possible to buy in the UK. Today I’ll be writing about something different for both its taste and strength.

Serbian Bell is a distillery located in the mountains in the western Serbia. The tradition of raising the best fruit and producing the best liquors out of it goes way back in this family. The first bottle of slivovitz has hit their cellar 350 years ago! The processes of the making were sure changed when it comes to technology, but the recipe hasn’t. Making a blackberry brandy was a total game changer for the Milinkovic family. The main difference is its strength. Usually, blackberries are used for jams or some low-alcohol liquors, but Serbian Bell’s brandy has an astonishing 45 percent of alcohol. So, even thought is very sweet, it’s also very strong as well.

First of all, blackberry gives this brandy a strong floral scent and sweetness, but at the same time, it makes it very dense. Secondly, the blackberry provides a great balance in taste, so the drink has no alcohol odor, even with so high percentage of it in the drink. The color of the spirit is light-amber since it lays in the barrel for at least three years.

When you open a bottle, you can feel the soft floral aroma. When it’s in the mouth it’s very smooth, but once swallowed it hits you with all its power. There is a little bit of barrel influence, when it comes to a steady brandy taste. It’s best served chilled after a nice meal.

All in all, this is a serious liquor with a serious background. It’s not for everybody, I must admit that, but if you are a sweet-tooth you’ll probably like it. Just be careful, and don’t push it too hard, there’s a reason why it’s sold only in half-liter bottles.