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Why Is Slivovitz Considered A Noble Brandy?

Slivovitz or Slivovica or Sliwowitz or Sljivovica is a common name for plum brandy. „Sliva“ is a Slavic name for plum. Good Slivovitz is made of the plums of various species that were femented for 3 weeks before the distillation. So the alcohol that we dring in a Slivovitz is actually crafted from ripe fermented fruit. Unlike other spirits like Gin, Vodka or even Whiskey, Slivovitz or Plum Brandy originates from fruit and bears all the advantages and disadvantages of fruity origin. The main disadvatage is its price, because usually 10 kg of ripe fruit is needed to craft 1 litre of Slivovitz. So it cannot be any cheaper.

But advtanages are numerous on the other hand.

COMPLEXITY. As every beverage made from fruit, like wine, its aroma and content is not simple nor dymensional. Fruit is a very vivid raw material and, if not burned down, its aroma, fragrance, colour (and destiny) must be granted to its brandy. It is complex enough that each year a slightly different slivovitz is made from the same orchards and fruits.

AFTERSMELL. When you have a sip, the fragrance is retained on your palate for a long time. Unlike simple artificial spirits, you feel its complexity on your palate. And after a while, you feel it is your stomach.

AGING. As Slivovitz is made of fruit containing tannins in its skin, its first sign on your palate can be harsh. Some people, especially those who have it for the first time and are not prepared to it, even said it was burning. The effect of harshness is lost over time, if Slivovitz is aged in an oak barrels for 3-5 years, and sometimes even longer. This is the reason why aged Slivovitz is appreciated.

BARREL. Every alcoholic beverage, if not artificial, is colourless when it is produced. So as Slivovitz. The colourless and hot liquid Slivovitz flows from the distillation pot. Its tawny and amber colour is gained over time, due to the contact with the oak barrel. Lately the producers use barrique oak barrels volume of 225 l. Then its colour is more beautiful and its aroma is more complex.

DENSITY. Hot liquid from the distillation pot is poured into the barrels and is left to age for years. It is gaining density over time. Some people say it reminds of oil after few years. You can judge its density on the glass: the tears must show up if it was aged properly.