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Try Something New – Banana Brandy

Try Something New – Banana Brandy

Over the centuries people have experimented a lot with different plants, fruits, and cereals all in order to indulge their desire for a one-of-a-kind drink. These innovations brought us what we know today as wine, beer, whiskey, brandy, etc. But, residents of one village in Serbia had another idea when it comes to making good quality liquor and tried bananas in the traditional slivovitz-making process. The outcome, totally original spirit with high quality.

The pioneer in this venture was Zlatko Sremcevic,  a man with a good background when it comes to slivovitz production. One day he realized that he could get tons of overripe bananas for a minimal investment and try distilling them into brandy. The outcome was surprising and a trend-setter in Budjanovci, his village.

It’s well known that slivovitz can be made from anything with a high percentage of sugar. After Zlatko’s venture, many have started trying out new fruits in their production. But, his original idea showed the greatest results. The first time he made banana brandy he used around 700 liters of banana husk, which turned into 90 liters of brandy. The alcohol percentage was a bit over 40 degrees which are almost industry’s standard. When it comes to taste, it’s really something! The scent of this exotic fruit is present, but not too hard, making the brandy easy to drink. Aftertaste brings that banana flavor again, which makes this brandy a great digestive.

If you somehow get the chance try this brandy, I highly recommend it. It is quite tasty, and it can be suitable for the ladies as well. Among his friends, its called a “Monkey Brandy”, so you’ll get a dose of humor with your spirit. No matter what your preferred taste is, this is truly an inspiring brandy, worth of mentioning, and of course trying.