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Barique Slivovitz Trio

The smell of alcohol is dominant, but not too harsh for the nose.

Barique_Plum_Brandy_Serbian_TrioHere we have a very interesting slivovitz from a well-established producer from Serbia. Serbian Trio is a producer that is famous for their barique oak barrels and all of their products are stored inside them. You’ve probably heard for a barique technique that is commonly used in wine and cognac production. The main thing is a barique barrel which gives special color and aroma to any alcohol drink you keep in it. Two main characteristics for any spirit that was kept inside these barrels is darker color and mixture of wood and smoke aroma. Barique Slivovitz Trio is one of the best plum brandies within this price range. For a reasonable amount of money, you’ll get brandy that has spent three years in a barique oak barrel. So, what’s the outcome?

First of all plums used for this slivovitz are selected with care and as their producers say, only big, juicy fruit can be a part of their drink. The result is a rich fruit flavor in every sip you take. Three years is more than enough for any brandy to become mature. Besides that barique oak speeds up the maturation process and gives it that special something that you won’t get from some other type of barrel.

The smell of alcohol is dominant, but not too harsh for the nose. The reason for that is a strong smoky smell this brandy acquired from the oak. Also, the color of this brandy is way darker for the same reason. Dark brown, dense, but still clear color will remind you of rum perhaps.

The taste is very strong, but it won’t burn your mouth or stomach. It will only give a great announcement for the food to your digestive tract since it’s served as an aperitif. Aftertaste reminds of coffee a little bit. Another thing gained from barique oak barrel. The Serbian Trio Barique Slivovitz is one of the greatest indicators of how one simple change to the making process can affect the drink in general. Your nose, palate, and stomach will be pleased with this one for sure.brandy_glass_barrique_color