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Prokupac- One of the Oldest Distilleries of Slivovitz in the Balkans

The story of Prokupac begins over half of the century ago, in 1955. For all this time, the factory managed to produce almost 270 million liters of beverage.

Manastirka Plum Brandy Slivovitz

Manastirka Plum Brandy Slivovitz

My mother still keeps the old package of Manastirka Slivovitz, made by Prokupac distillery. I remember, when I was a kid, I would always grab it, and pretend to be an adult, but a pretty drunken one. I would start talking nonsense and my sister would laugh at it. Some may say that it’s not how kids should play, but on the other hand, it seems as a way better option than sitting in front of the computer.

The story of Prokupac begins over half of the century ago, in 1955. For all this time, the factory managed to produce almost 270 million liters of beverage, and as such, became the biggest factory of alcoholic beverages on Balkan. It really makes me sad to see that after all the success this factory had, and after all the medals and prizes it won, it ended up fighting to survive, in the new, grim days.

Not so long ago, Prokupac was supposed to be joined with another company, but instead of better work with a joined forces, all that happened was the other company acting like a parasite. Business, contracts and politics almost destroyed the well-known producer of excellent drinks.

Did you know?

One of the most well-known products of Prokupac distillery is Manastirka Slivovitz. Besides being a tasty drink, Manastirka was often used and a healing potion. I don’t know what would doctors say, perhaps they wouldn’t agree on this, but my grandmother would use it whenever I catch a cold. In order to bring down the temperature, she would perform a massage over my hands and feet with the Manastirka. Some say that any alcoholic beverage would do the trick, but this one has been often in our home, so it had the main role in everything: healing, drinking, cheering…

Some say that the recipe for this drink was invented centuries ago, perhaps even by St. Sava himself, but those are just stories without actual proof. However, it is most likely that its production started in monasteries, as the name suggests (manastir=monastery).

Even today, during the whole struggle Prokupac has to deal with, Manastirka is welcomed in every home. I’ve seen lately on the online auctions, that people are ready to give over 2000e for a 30-year old bottle of Manastirka. Considering the fact that the crisis is still present in this part of the world, we can assume that it remained popular and that people haven’t forgotten its old glory.

I Finally Found Out What “Pálenka” Is

Serbia is the perfect destination for anyone planning to embark on an adventurous voyage devoid of any long flight and a suitable atmosphere for lovers to ignite the passion within them. You get a perfect mix of an exotic location, where the tectonic plates of Orthodox Christianity, socialism, capitalism have all collided in the past.

buy_brandy_belgrade_kalemegdanSerbia is in the South-East Europe and constitutes a central part of the Balkan Peninsula with vast northern plateaus and mountains with ski resorts to the south. Capital city Belgrade is home to Communist-era architecture and Kalemegdan Park, site of an ancient fortress held successively by the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Floating nightclubs on the Danube and Sava rivers are a distinctive part of the city’s nightlife.

You often hear people talk about adventure travel and you may start thinking what adventure travel is in the actual sense. Adventure travel doesn’t mean you have to put yourself in harm’s way. It is for you to experience new atmosphere characterized with fun to lighten up your mood and life and ultimately get to the root of tradition and culture peculiar to your travel destination.

There is no particular way to make your travel to Serbia hell of a wonderful experience than to loosen up and bring in your creativity in an amazing way. One thing that must be borne in mind while trying to make your Serbia adventure a memorable experience is to make sure every moment goes brandy with the Serbia spirit.

Slivovitz is a fruit brandy made from Damson plums, often referred to as plum brandy. Slivovitz is produced in Central and Eastern Europe, both commercially as well as homemade. Primary producers are in Serbia and some other countries. In the Balkans it is part of the category of drinks called Rakia, while in Hungary it is part Pálinka; in the Czech Republic and Slovakia Pálenka, which all are the same concept.

Interestingly, no one travels to Serbia without returning to their homes with the Serbia spirit. Whether you are having a chit-chat with your relations in the green park or a dinner with your co-adventurers, the Serbia spirit will help spark it up.

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This will be your most remarkable travel ever with the lingering Serbia spirit.

Tastebrandy.com Represented to Brandy Producers Association of Serbia

Tastebrandy.com represented its work in online sales of Serbian brandy to Brandy Producers Association in Belgrade June 12, 2012. The Association is part of Chamber of Commerce.

Nenad Gacanovic, CEO of tastebrandy.com, presented the efforts in online sales to make Serbian slivovitz closer to the consumers abroad. Dragan Djuric, President of Association, has shown interest in Tastebrandy’s work and asked if there is a possibility to strengthen the cooperation.

We will continue our negotiations, Gacanovic said. We believe the potential is in cooperation of producers and online merchants of the best Serbian brandy. We all win in this game, producers, exporters and consumers abroad who get their favorite brands of slivovitz at their homes.