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Badel Antique Pelinkovac

For all of you who are not familiar with the type of brandy named “pelinkovac” a short introduction. It’s a bitter brandy made out of healing herbs with a dark amber color and a strong taste. If you are a fan of Jaggermmaister, trying pelinkovac should be on top of your list, because it’s way better.

Badel is one of the pioneers of pelinkovac making on the Balkans, and still one of the leaders in its production. Antique series of this drink is quite rare and made by the original recipe of its inventor Franjo Pokorny. It’s made of 20 different herbs and packed in a vintage bottle with a worn label.

This pelinkovac is serious in so many ways it’s almost impossible to describe it. The design of the package is stunning for sure, but it’s texture, smell and taste are pure, like heaven.

Each Antique spends at least seven years inside of a barrel. All until it soaks the darkness of its insides. The color of this pelinkovac is almost black but still see-through. Once the cork is off intoxicant aroma comes out. The smell of herbs is so hard it will enchant you instantly. It reminds a bit of some old-school medicine, or elixir actually.

Once your nose gets used to the smell your pallet will be confused. It runs so smooth to your stomach, leaving so many different tastes behind. This is why you should drink it slowly, so you can sense a note of every herb that makes its essence.

In the end, your stomach will appreciate it, since pelinkovac is also a stomach cure. It’s highly recommended with digestion issues, but one shot a day won’t hurt maintenance of your stomach flora.

Even though this version of pelinkovac is very limited it’s possible to buy this brandy in the UK. It takes some effort, but it’s possible. Treat yourself to a high-quality drink with a tradition and a story. Antique is the salve for senses, body, and spirit altogether.

Williams Pear Brandy

Pear brandies are one of the richest tasting ever made. That’s why they are on a quite high-priced level and not so rare on the market. Pear is a perfect fruit for brandy production because of its strong aroma and sugar saturation. Thanks to wits of ordinary people some regular sorts of pear were able to ascend to a higher level of both quality and recognition.

Williams pear brandy is one of those thanks to two factors, design, and taste. You might think, “design can’t be so important when it comes to brandy”, but in this case, it’s a whole different story. The bottle of this brandy is pear-shaped and to make things better inside of the bottle there is a whole ripe pear! When the fruit is still young and small bottle is attached to it. The pear grows inside of the bottle, and when it’s ready for picking it stays inside. Brandy is poured over. This affects both visual effect and the overall taste of the brandy.

The brandy itself is made out of ripe pears, which are first crushed and then left to rest. After the distillation, the liquor goes straight to oak barrels where it spends two years. Over this period of time, the drink matures perfectly, soaking oak scent notes, while at the same time pear sweetness blends with alcohol. The final product is a nice smelling and very smooth brandy.

With a fresh fruit inside both taste and aroma are becoming more intense. If you are not that sentimental, you can break the bottle and eat the pear. The fruit is fully soaked with brandy which makes it almost liquid. Be aware, one slice of this pear is very strong, so don’t eat too much. It can seriously get you drunk.

The texture of the brandy is dense. Thanks to this feature this brandy is smooth and simply glide through your throat. Aftertaste is floral, leaving the pure pleasure on the pallet. Williams pear brandy gets the highest marks on my chart and I highly recommend it to everyone who likes strong, but sweet liquors.