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Forest Plum Brandy Slivovitz

If you like the mixture of pure classic brandy making and innovation of taste Forest Plum Brandy should definitely be your first pick. This product is all about design, both in means of packaging and drink itself. It is made on Zlatibor mountain, surrounded by nature and fresh air. Ingredients are 100 percent organic and raised in an amazing environment.

The bottle is a real eye-catcher, interesting shape, archaic lettering and it’s sealed with wax. This way producer made sure that taste last for years and be as fresh as possible once you open it.

After you take the cork of your nose will feel bliss instantly. You can feel smooth aroma of forest fruits and honey that simply calls you to have a sip. Honey that is used in distillation process is picked from local honey farms and it has a strong fragrance of acacia. Since brandy is stored in oak tree barrels mixture of wood aromas gives it rich smell.buy_forest_brandy

Honey, fruit and plum brandy mixture gives it a dense texture which is very appealing to your tongue. The color is dark yellow, just like honey.

The most important thing is the taste of it. First you’ll feel that smooth and sweet taste coming from honey and forest fruits and then mushed plum taste kicks in. Plums are prepared for distillation traditionally. First they are left to lay inside the wooden barrel for days. This way every bit of juice and sugar from plums is used. That’s why other ingredients can’t take over the primary taste of it.

It’s best to be served before lunch, but you won’t be able to stop after one glass. Because of its soft taste you’ll enjoy it over and over again. The best way to describe it is as Zlatibor’s nature transformed into alcohol beverage.

Stara Rakija at a Shelf

Stara Rakija at a Shelf