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Tough and rough – Slivovitz plum brandy

Plum brandy slivovitz with over alc. vol. 35% v/v is a bit tough for Western palate. I realized few years ago that Western European spirits are sweeter, milder and with lower alcoholic content that Eastern European ones. If you ask one of an alcoholic beverage from Eastern Europe, the very first association of many will be the slivovitz. And it is concerned to be “lethal” in the West.

What if you tell the Westerner the slivovitz is made of fruit? Would you associate a fruit-crafted beverage with rough taste, rather than with nice, smooth, soft and silky aroma? And Eastern European brandies are not considered to be very silky. Strange, isn’t it?


The strongest slivovitz in the market alc 52%v/v- Plum Gentian Brandy Lincura

So, what’s the cause? Why is Western beverage smoother than Eastern?

Is it because of the fact that Western Europeans drink more in average, so they had to accommodate and decrease the content of alcohol they consume? Are the Western Europeans more proficient and do not need rough and tough stuff to drink?

Or Easterners are tough themselves and such a brandy they distill?

Or is it just a simple difference in cultures: slivovitz is consumed mostly as an aperitif before the meal. Only people in some parts of Bosnia drink very smooth slivovitz alc. vol. 35% v/v after the meal. And Westerners consume it mostly in the afternoon and evening. Fruit brandy, slivovitz especially has to be vivid,  restless, the fruit has to be spiritus movens and the whole body has to be shaken. Therefore it suits in the first half of the day.

Western smooth drink with caramel color is calming, and it is best consumed in the evening.