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Slivovitz Accross the Border

Zaric Distillery opened in June 2010 by Minister Dinkic in Kosjeric Region

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A lot of dithyrambs  were sung to the famous Serbian Slivovitz throughout the history, but one of the most important steps were made in June 2010. Zaric Distillery was opened, one of the largest in Southeastern Europe which will deliver 3 million litres of Slivovitz  “Queen and Povlenka, “Obsession” made of raspberry, honey brandy medenajuniper brandy, etc. to the markets of EU, USA and Australia.

The owner of the Distillery Vujica Zaric bought the manufacturing plants of “Povlen”, bought the latest technology lines that could possibly be obtained at the moment and renovated the whole factory. 3 million EUR was invested in the Distillery.

“The new Distillery calls for 45 employees and 2,000 fruit- processing households from the region have the secured buyer of their products. 60% of the whole production will be exported”, said Minister Dinkic at the Grand Opening.

“We are able to process the whole fruit capacities of the Kosjeric Region and the missing quantities we will be buying in the other regions”, said Zaric. The local municipality subsidized the purchase of plum, raspberry, quince, pear and black currant seedlings.