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Rubin- A Common Name For Cognac

The very Vinjak, one of the most popular drinks in Serbia, and the main name linked to Rubin, entered the French market.  Andre Steiner, the owner of the Distillery de La Tour, stated that Vinjak deserves a place among top 5 best brandies on the planet.


There are many lessons we all learn while we are young, but, one extremely important lesson we learn when it’s already too late. Of course, I’m talking about not-mixing-the-different-types-of-alcohol! Thank God, I learned that lesson by watching my friends, and not by experiencing the agony on my own.  Sure, I was sorry to see them suffer, but, they were already warned by some other people, and they didn’t listen.

It happened that one of the drinks those poor souls had, was Vinjak produced by Rubin. And, while many agreed that it’s their favorite drink, it turned out that it’s so not a good idea to drink wine, vodka, or beer alongside with it. Back then I thought:”Wow, this thing requires loyalty!” But, now I know it’s the same with all alcoholic drinks.

Some guys said that it has nothing to do with the mixing, but that the product of Rubin is simply twisted, but I have to rubin_distillery_kaufen_schnapsdisagree on that. After all, Rubin worked for 60 years, and vineyards nearby Krusevac, where it’s built, are well-known by its quality. There were years, during the sanctions, when everything was falling down, as well as the quality of Rubin’s drinks, however, those times are behind us all, and Rubin keeps winning the prizes, and it’s welcomed on new markets.

Did you know?

The very Vinjak, one of the most popular drinks in Serbia, and the main name linked to Rubin, entered the French market.  Andre Steiner, the owner of the Distillery de La Tour, stated that Vinjak deserves a place among top 5 best brandies on the planet. He stated that Vinjak satisfies very high standards, but that it needs better distributors and marketing campaign.

rubin_vinjak_kaufen_schnapsAlso, even though the local people are used to the old package of Vinjak, he stated that Asian market requires fancy package, rather than traditional, simple one. He stated that American market requires a good background story of the product, and that European market requires an acceptable price. Two of the three requirements were already there, so all Rubin had to do is to give their product a new, fancier suit. And, they did quite well. As far as I can say it looks simple and luxurious, classic and traditional.

These were good news, not just for Rubin, but for all the people who enjoy Vinjak, and who always claimed that it’s the best brandy in the world. Of course, when you support a local product, you might not be able to judge objectively. Finally, we will hear what the entire world has to say.rubin_vinjak_kaufen_schnaps_online

Vino Zupa, A Cellar and A Distillery

Vino Zupa Pots

Vino Zupa Pots

There are a few companies who managed to rebuild themselves after their transition from government to the private sector. And, I’m so glad that Vino Zupa is one of them. The company that produces not just wine, as it’s stated in the name (vino=wine), but also many other alcoholic beverages, and tasty juices.

Its incredible journey starts in 1956, when nine worker cooperatives joined their forces in Zupa, after WWII. In the entire country, it was the period of hard work, and getting everything back on its feet. It is very funny that the section for fruit juices started on the first of April, 1962, which was a pretty serious step for the day that is considered for a day of jokes.

Wine Fair in Zupa Aleksandrovac

Wine Fair in Zupa Aleksandrovac

Of course, the crisis in 1990, inflicted Vino Zupa as well as any other company, and unfortunately, the company wasn’t able to rebuild itself on its own, so it ended up in the hands of the man who was ready to bring back the good, old days of the company. In 2002, the new chapter of the story was opened, like the rainbow after the rain.

Year after year, the company grows bigger, presenting new products, hiring new people, improving the quality, entering the new markets.

Did you know?

Production of the wine was popular in Zupa, long before the company was formed. There is a manifestation, called “Zupska berba,” meaning “grape harvest in Zupa,” and recent everyone’s favorite part of the manifestation included free wine tasting. It went even further, with the wine fountain where people could grab as much as they wanted, or as much as they could handle.

Personally, I never encourage the second option, but some people often end up with that one. And, it’s not very hard to end up with it, considering the old saying of the vineyard workers: “The best wine is the one that is cold, there is plenty of it, and it’s free.” This definition for sure is very rough, but the people who had a lot of good time, seem to be OK with it.vino_zupa_schnaps_kaufen_online

However, even that one wasn’t the greatest alcoholic attraction this area had to offer. The greatest wine attraction was, and still is, the giant cistern, whose capacity of 5.600.000 liters contains the best wine there is. Of course, there is also the Museum of wineries and vineyards, but it’s only for those nostalgic or curious people, who wish to look back, at the past.