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General Slivovitz

I like spirits with a good background story. When it comes to this one it has more than that. It’s not just a story it’s more of a history lesson, tradition, and inheritance.


Serbian General Zivojin Misic

The general name is dedicated to Serbian war hero general Zivojin Misic who fought in WWI. Slivovitz with his name comes from ethno village Kostunici where general’s mother was born. This village is the famous tourist attraction and it offers various activities for its visitors. Besides that, they produce all sorts of food and beverages. Slivovitz that is made here is all about traditional preparation methods. Also, every barrel is kept in their cellars for years. General slivovitz is filled after four years spent in the deep dark of oak barrels.

The bottle has very interesting design representing plum from which it’s made. For the making of this specific slivovitz people of Kostunicic use two kinds of plum, Pozegaca, and Cacanka. Both plums are very rich with sugar which gives great taste and alcohol percentage to the brandy.

As any other brandy which is kept in oak barrels this one also has that nice amber color and beautiful density. Smell is quite strong and main note you’ll sense comes from the barrel. Alcohol scent won’t attack your nose too hard and you’ll be able to clearly feel plums and freshly cut grass.


Four years spent inside of the barrel is more than enough time for plums to lose their tart and release nice juicy aroma

Plum Brandy Slivovitz Generalwhich you will certainly feel with the first sip you take. As the liquor flows through your mouth your palate will experience pure bliss from flowery aromas and sweetness of plums. As the liquid flows deeper into your stomach you’ll get chills from the alcohol and strong craving for food. This is why General slivovitz is best served as an aperitif. If you take it with a glass of mineral water you’ll be able to sense a dose of vanilla as well.

Meet Serbia through Slivovitz: Kostunici


Slivovitz brought us to Eco village Kostunici, pictoresque village in Central Part of Serbia. We wanted to see the spot where a very good plum brandy “General” is crafted. Apart from Slivovitz, we found a new world.

Eco village (or Ethno village) represents a hotel-under-the-sky, full household that incorporates restaurant, lodging in apartments and ‘vayats’, production of fruit, domestic- made slivovitz (plum brandy) and jams. A guest can feel the spirit of 19-century Serbia, eat the old dishes, and drink remarkable slivovitz.

Sumadija region is famous for its plum, mostly “Pozegaca” and “Cacanska rana” varietes. Pozegaca is very aromative and delicious, but complicated to grow and sensitive to various illnesses. But brings the best slivovitz!

slivovitzOld dishes in crockery

Plum brandy Slivovitz “General” is dedicated to the memory of victorius Serbian General of the World War I Zivojin Misic, whose mother originates from Kostunici.

Very tastefull old Serbian dishes served in crockery and “vayats” made the strongest impression on us. What is “vayat”?

A separated small house, bungallow that was used for the guest’s lodging. These vayats are equipped with old furniture, recalling the old country life and customs. So, you have your own home within a village.