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Barique Quince Brandy Dukat Lux

Quince as a fruit is very special. First of all, it’s not spread as well as other. Secondly, when it gives fruits it’s not even close to apples or pears. And last, but not least, quince does not contain that much juice. So when you want to make a brandy out of it, it’s a process, plus you can’t expect quantity.

When Dukat distillery started operating, most people were skeptic about the quality of their spirit, but they’ve proven what they have to offer over and over again. Lux is their premium class of quince brandy, and before its unique bottle and packing, it’s a sophisticated brandy.

The secret of this small distillery is in their focus on this specific kind of fruit. Each drop of the brandy is produced our of fruit from their orchard, prepared and kept their way for almost thirty years now. Barique in the name says it all, the barrels are not typical. Instead, the barrels that are keeping the brandy are made of two different kinds of wood. While maturing different brandies are being blended. This gives this brandy unique scent and taste.

Dukat Lux will stun you after the first look. Strong golden color and dense texture is a great ice-breaker. When opened the smell of quince fills the air immediately. Stream of this brandy is perfect, enchanting almost. With the first sip you’ll fell that strong fruit note with a bit of zest. Taste is sweet, but still very strong. Aftertaste leaves that wooden aroma with some flowery notes.

If you are looking to buy brandy in the UK with class and quality, this is the one you should be looking for. It can be served both as an aperitif and a digestive, so any situation calls for Dukat Lux.