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Plantaze Crna Gora

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You know when you see a rock, a wasteland, or a desert, or any other unfriendly environment? How crazy, stubborn, or brave you’d have to in order to start working in order to grow something on such land? Well, the people from the company “13. jul – Plantaze,” which was founded in 1963, decided to do something that was considered for mission impossible back in 1970. That was the growing of the vineyard that spreads on 2000 hectares, on a territory where the Sun shines for 2500 hours per year. What seemed really impossible here was the land on which they planned to grow, the land that consisted practically of the rocks, nearby Podgorica. But, no matter how it looked back then, now it looks like an incredible work, idea, and amazing story. The company now produces over 40 different sorts of wine, among which many are great champions that brought to the company over 800 medals, prizes and recognitions.  With the growth of the 22 million kilograms of grape per year, the vineyards have the leading position in the region. The highest quality wine found its way from Montenegro to 35 countries from all around the world.download


Did you know?


It took about seven years of research, and dozens of experiments, to come up with the very specific wine, one that might be used not just for its taste, but its extremely healthy content. This wine has entered the market in 1993, under the name “Pro Corde” (meaning “For Heart”).

Indeed, this wine simply combined modern medicine, with the traditional recipe, and thanks to polyphenol that is produces during the distillation, “Pro Corde” acts as a protector of the heart and the entire bloodstream. Any wine, not just this one, helps in the protection of the cancer, and slows down the process of aging, and stops virus infection. The wine consists of a various antioxidants, phenols, which protects mucous membranes, and helps in lowering the level of cholesterol in blood. The human body requires about 100mg of phenols per day, and obviously, the wine that contains phenols in the highest rate, must have an extremely positive impack on a human body.

That’s why Plantaze recommend their wine “Pro Corde,” as a food supplement. They claim that one single cup (200ml) every day, helps in the prevention of numerous health problems. As their representatives like to say: “From the heart of the grape, to the heart of the man.”download (2)