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Plum Juniper Brandy – Stara pesma (Old Song)

Very special brandy, often called a Serbian gin.


Somewhere around the Serbian city Bajina Basta you can find the best juniper berries for a brandy. Local people love to spice their plum brandy with approximately two dozens of forest juniper berries. In that way they get a perfect combination of the finest plum brandy and the tastiest juniper berries.

A perfect brandy, colored old gold, with the smell of dried plums, juniper, lime and smoke.

People who decided to taste it, never regretted it. And always asked for more.


Few centuries ago one family came to the village Pepelj, near the mountain Tara, and started making one of the finest brandies in county. Generations of their descendants followed the tradition of cultivating orchards, making barrels and producing brandy. They have been working hard, enjoying life with a song and couple of drinks, and they managed to produce brandy Stara pesma, to the delight and pride of present and future generations.