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Srpska trojka

While most of the distilleries prefer to keep their precious liquid in simple oak barrels, Bistro prefers to keep their brandies in barrique barrels.

download (5)There is something magical about the number three. Just think about the Holy Trinity. That’s why it’s not surprising that the founders of the company Bistro 1881, took the Latin quote:”Omne Trium Perfectum” (meaning “Every Trinity is Perfect”), for their motto. As far as they are interested, if the brandy can’t feed the body, heal the soul, or strengthen the spirit, it’s not worth drinking.

As its name suggests, the company was founded in 1881, in Subotiste. Even though the distillery is far away from the plantages, and orchards, and even though it uses a lot of modern technology, it still has a charm of the tradition in every drop of their alcoholic beverages. And, there are a lot of drops, considering that the complete capacity of the production is about 2500 liters per day.

These magical drops contain a peace and serenity of the orchards, ancient craftsmanship, and the taste of the oak tree. And, as the people behind the company stated:”The harmony of flavors of these noble drinks, awakes a poet within you, and makes you the knight of a liquid spirit.”

Some might say:”Yes, those are all nice words, but where is the proof of the quality?” Well, the proof lies in 33 awards and medals, these drinks have received on a numerous fairs.

Did you know?

download (4) What makes barrique so special compared to the regular barrel? Well, for the start, the oak used for the creation of the barrique barrel is carefully chosen, it has to satisfy many standards, among which is its geographical origin. Also, the inner surface of the barrel is treated with flames, so that a specific level of caramelization and carbonation can be reached.

Barrique barrels are not the only unusual detail this distillery has to offer. For all of those who wish to give away some exclusive gift, whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, or any other celebration, there are special packages, flasks, handmade bottles of wood and glass. In tradition, flask had a role of an invitation to any great happening. The host would go the visit his guests, and if they agree to join his special event, they would take a sip from the flask. For those whose appetite for a good drink can’t be satisfied with a flask, there is always a special package of a miniature barrel, filled with “Barrique Slivovitz.”