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Vrsacki vinogradi

In 1880, a merchant Staub, has built a cellar known under the name of “Helvecija.” The very cellar is used even today.

logo_vrsacki_vinogradi1The area nearby Vrsac was famous for its vineyards, ever since the Roman Empire ruled these lands. The wine from these lands was very popular on the palace of Austrian king, and his nobility. The first written article regarding the winery in Vrsac and Austrian people dates from 1494. In 1880, a merchant Staub, has built a cellar known under the name of “Helvecija.” The very cellar is used even today.

After all the centuries that have passed, we can all assume that the territory and climatic conditions are just perfect for the growing of the vine. It was only a matter of time when a regular company will appear. And, who know why, it really took a long time to become official. The founding started back in 1944, the name “Vrsacki Vinogradi” (meaning “Vrsac’s Vineyards”) was given in 1957, and it became a stock company in 1998.Borko-Neric-Vrsacki-vinogradi-MEDIUM

In vineyards, we can find many different sorts of vine, but most of the area is covered with Italian Riesling (over 50%), while the rest of the area is covered with Rhine Riesling, White Burgundy, Chardonnay, Muscat Ottonel, Traminer, Smederevka, and Zupljanka. There are also two black sorts: Blue Frankish and Muscat Hamburg. Pride of the “Vrsacki Vinogradi” for sure is an indigenous species called Kreaca.  Did you know? The entire capacity of the cellars is about 34.2 million liters (3420 stocks), and can accept every last grape from all the vineyards, that belongs to the company. The biggest cellar was built in 1968, and it contains 2000 stocks. Considering its entire capacity under one roof, it represents one of the biggest cellars in Europe. Even though the company uses modern technology in some segments of production, there are still great amounts of wine that are treated by the traditional recipe, in wooden barrels, which is very interesting for all the wine lovers. “Vrsacki Vinogradi” won 38 medals and prizes on many different international and local fairs and competitions. It is considered that a very short road, which grape has to pass from the vineyards to the cellars, gives a great plus to the quality, because, the grape that enters the process of production is still fresh that way. The recent years have been quite difficult for the company, but, it still fights for its place on the market. Even though many claim that the company has reached its end, just a few days ago the harvest was completed successfully. The workers are fighting for their company with a great passion. Does it come from the hearts or from the glass of wine, who can tell?1531_vrsacki_vinogradi-proizvodi