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Why Family-Owned Distilleries Are Better?!?

Why Family-Owned Distilleries Are Better?!?

I had a lot of discussions with my friends on the subject, is it better to buy drinks from a local, family-owned distilleries or from a well-known brand. I’m always keeping the side of a regular folk, and I do believe their products are always better. These are my points why I think brandies you can buy in the UK are better if coming from an underground distillery.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s simple, established brands are doing their job for profit. The main goal of any brand is to produce as much as possible, with minimal investments. While on the other hand, families are doing this to maintain the tradition and legacy that has been left for them. By following the original recipe, these distilleries produce high-quality drinks, with a rich taste.

No Shortcuts

For some spirits maturing time is everything, and when the demand for the drink is great, some shortcuts are a must if you want to survive on the market. That’s why mass producers use “cheats”, in order to mature their drinks faster. That’s something you’ll never experience from a traditional distillery. Every step of production must always be obeyed. The maturing is always standard, from three years and above.

Full Taste

What I’ve always hated, and it’s used more and more are additives. This taste enhancers are something almost every factory uses. Yes, the taste is there, but it’s fake. If you want to have a quality spirit, you have to respect its nature. The additive of any kind can never be as good as fruit or rye that was hand-picked and prepared with love.


Even though most well-known brands have their story, over the time they took a detour from it in order to expand their production. It’s good to hear them all, but I bet something from their vault can’t match anything on the market. Family-owned distilleries maintain the storyline and keep everything the way it was.14