Tok DOO Beograd

buy_zlatni_tokWhile the idea about the founding of the company was present since the 1990, it was finally founded in 2006.

Every day we are bombed with the stories about the low quality of food in big stores, about the low quality of food from the fast food restaurants… Such stories make me want to leave the city, and go back to the village, where I can produce my own food. Or, do a bit more research and to figure to whom I can trust.

That’s why I trust Tok DOO, the company that produces brandy made only of fruit that grows on their own property. The entire factory is located on a family land on a mountain Goc, nearby Kraljevo. Ten different types of plum are grown there, and the specific microclimatic conditions support the growing or a high quality product.

While the idea about the founding of the company was present since the 1990, it was finally founded in 2006, after many years of preparation and hard work. During the 2007, it enters the market with its best fruit brandy, “Zlatni tok” (meaning “Golden stream”). And, the name soon proved to be well deserved, after all the golden medals it earned on many fairs and presentations.buy_tok_doo_bg

Did you know?

“Zlatni tok” is slivovitz, and is made of the two sorts of high quality plums: crvena ranka and pozegaca, both widely spread and popular in Serbia. Fruit has to pass a long journey from the tree, to the basket, into the copper cauldron, to oak barrels in order to become high quality slivovitz.

The motto of the company is:”Drink little, but quality.” One of the biggest problems the producers of the high quality products need to face a on a local market is, for sure, the price. As the quality grows, so grows the price, it’s normal and there is no arguing with that. However, people who don’t want or simply can’t afford to spend a lot on one bottle don’t even know what they are missing. And, one bottle of high quality drink can worth a lot more than ten bottles of medium quality drink.

It is very interesting how you can order delivery online, and even ask for a name, or a message, or even a special engraving in the wooden package. It is specifically recommended for business meetings, so even the logo of the company can be engraved, no matter how it looks.

“Zlatni tok” owns its beautiful dark amber color to the oak barrel. It’s a common color for all brandies that shared a lot of time with the barrel. But, it shouldn’t stay in barrel for too long, because in that case, drink easily can turn from slivovitz to cognac, which is something we wish to avoid in this peculiar case.kaufen_tok_doo_bg