Vojvoda Slivovitz Plum Brandy: A Glass Each Morning


Every now and then I like to try something different when it comes to drinks. Usually, I’m stuck with a lot of fancy spirits that come in well-designed bottles, beautiful labels and interesting background stories. Recently I’ve stumbled upon a very minimalistic brandy called Vojvoda. Design of any kind is totally out of the picture and that is the main reason I’ve bought it and gave it a shot. I was led by a saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover” and I was pleasantly surprised.

As I’ve said earlier design is totally out of the picture, bottle is poorly shaped and the label seems like it’s done in a local copy shop. But what I like is inside of the bottle so let’s just forget about this aspect.

The color of Vojvoda is tawny yellow which I liked since it reminded me on domestic slivovitz I always liked. This shade is what makes you think “Yeah, this is healthy and organic for sure!” at least that’s my opinion.

The smell of this slivovitz was surprisingly mild, even floral. If you have it with a glass of water it can resemble to sherbet as well.

Its main quality is its taste! The label said it has 45 percent of alcohol, so I thought it’s going to burn quite hard once I drink it, but it hasn’t. Taste is very mild and smooth! It has a strong aroma of pepper and a bit of wood. After few sips I’ve tasted tobacco as well. Before it’s bottled this slivovitz stays inside of the wooden barrel for at least two years which is enough time to calm the fermentation taste, but not too much to kill the beauty of plum’s aroma. Overall this is great slivovitz if you look at its price and surely something you’ll enjoy before your meal.

"Vojvoda" At the Fair

“Vojvoda” At the Fair