What Makes Good Slivovitz a Good Slivovitz?

What Makes Good Slivovitz a Good Slivovitz?

Like with any other liquor, there is a philosophy behind the quality of some slivovitz. Some speculate about the making process, some about the maturation, but I think we can all agree that each segment matters. The critics on the other side, have their own points of view, like characteristics, specs, and categories on which they are rating the drink. When it comes to slivovitz, I think there are a few foundations that have to be obeyed in order to get a quality product.

  1. Fruits Not Sugar

By this, I don’t mean sweetness of the products, but the quality of the fermentation. In order to enhance the alcohol level and reduce the expenses, some producers add sugar to their batches. First of all, this kills the good fruit sugar, secondly, it ruins the natural taste of the drink. If you want a good slivovitz it has to be made strictly from homegrown, handpicked fruit.

  1. Color

This doesn’t count for the drinks that are supposed to be transparent, like one’s that are made from grapes, for example.  But, again, these see-through drinks should have some density instead. Colored slivovitz should have that nice amber, or golden shade with a nice garland of bubbles when shaken steady.

  1. Aroma

Depending on the type of slivovitz, the aroma on the cork and one rising from the bottle should match the smell of the fruit that the drink was made of. Also, it’s ok to feel a light scent of wood or smoke in it. This confirms a proper maturation inside of a wooden barrel.

  1. Taste

Probably the most important factor when it comes to slivovitz. The balance between alcohol, and the original fruit taste should be perfect. If any wages over, we can’t say this is a quality spirit. Some producers reach out for additives to enrich the taste of their product. If the taste is too intense, we are talking about artificial taste coloring.