Whiskey vs. brandy

Brandy means fruit brandy, in Eastern European manner. Probably the most popular sort is Plum Brandy or Slivovitz(slivovica, šljivovica, etc, from Slavic “šljiva” meaning plum).

slivovitzSo, ever wondered should you choose whiskey or fruit brandy? I didn’t. All until I saw my Eastern neighbors not even having a dilemma: they always take slivovica.

1. Fruit brandy bears the playfulness and liveliness from fermented fruit. Whiskey bears sophisticated aroma derived from excellent process of distillation.

2. Fruit brandy should not have artificial aroma or colour: its tawny yellow colour should originate from oak barrel that the brandy matured in. Whiskey normally has artificial caramel colour (it brings a lot of headache if you take few glasses over the red line).

3. Whiskey should be consumed in the evening, it brings calmness and elegance. Fruit brandy, because of captured fruit in the bottle, should be taken during the day, as an appetizer before meals, to keep the body alive and fresh.