Young “Premier” Delivers Premium Quality

Young “Premier” Delivers Premium Quality

With quality drinks, it’s always about the age and the maturity. But, to be able to make such a serious drink you don’t have to be that old. A young distillery from Serbia, called Premier is a certain proof for that. Their brandies are multiple winners on both local and foreign acknowledgments.

I had a chance to try their apricot brandy, and I must say I’m delighted. It’s obvious these youngsters find a perfect way to blend traditional preparation, with the modern technologies and demands of the market. And the demand is huge. Their sales team did a great job with the product promotion, so you can buy the brandy in Germany as well.

Each apricot is handpicked and selected specifically for the purpose of producing the best brandy possible. When it rests for some time fruit is distilled twice. This helps the sugar to do its best and increases the alcohol value of the final product. Before it’s in the bottle brandy first spends three years in an oak barrel. This type of tree helps the fruity flavors to grow and finally become one with the spirit.

Every step in the making adds the value to the quality. Every single bit of this brandy, from color to aroma brings joy. Golden stream fills the air with the sweet smell of fruit, but only when it is in touch with your pallet fulfills its purpose. The taste is rich, every note is perfectly defined. Aftertaste is fruity, almost like a fresh apricot.

Overall this brandy is one of the best among the apricot competition for sure. I recommend it to both hard and soft liquor lovers. Even though it’s a bit strong, it can suite to mild pallets if it’s chilled properly. It goes great as a digestive with a piece of fruit pie or a fruit cake.