Zlatna Dolina


You know that you can’t miss when drink the same slivovitz that royalty liked to drink, find its way to your table. Mr. Gvozden Ivanovic, from village Karan nearby Uzice, provided one of the most popular slivovitz about a century ago. High quality slivovitz found its way from Mr. Ivanovic’s cellars to taverns, and even to the king’s palace, where it was loved by the king and the rest of the nobility.

After the WWII, there was no king in Serbia, but, the thirst for a good slivovitz remained. Mr. Ivanovic then showed his son in law, Dimitrije Kovacevic, how to produce his amazing slivovitz, and the tradition passed to the next generation.

Now, the keepers of the family tradition are Dragomir (Dimitrije’s son), and his sons. They follow the rules and recipe given to them. They founded the company and named it “Zlatna Dolina” (meaning “Golden Valley”). For the production of the slivovitz, they use the best fruit, and avoid all sorts of chemical additives. The result is a completely natural product. And, just like most alcoholic beverages, it’s well kept in oak barrels.

Did you know?

Some might think that the name of the company simply represents the luxury, rich taste, fantastic aroma, etc. But, the name came up based on the area where the fruit is produced. You see, on the mountain Zlatibor, there is a landscape called Bela Dolina (meaning White Valley). True, it’s very white during the winter, when snow covers everything. But, in the autumn, when farmers harvest the fruit, the leaves receive a very special golden color. That’s how the name was given, because, after the period of waiting in oak barrels, the drink has the very color of Bela Dolina in autumn.

Cellars of Zlatna Dolina keep 300 bottles of a brandy that is almost 30 years old. Each bottle has its number, as well as the box that keeps the bottle. These are very special bottles and as such, the entire series has a special name:”Unikat” (meaning “Unique”).

Due to its great taste and the fact that it’s clean, natural product, Zlatna Dolina brandy is an ideal gift for the business partners. Especially for those who live abroad. Therefore, the company provides a special option, providing a wooden package with an engraved logo of any company. With a gift like this, any business success will be properly celebrated, as well as any holiday and a special occasion.kaufen_zlatna_dolina