Chardonnay Kovacevic 2013 Reserve

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Item location: EU, Croatia


0,75 l, 13% alc.

REGION: Vojvodina, Srem region, Fruska Gora vineyards.

CLIMATE: Moderately continental with subcontinental subtleties.

VINEYARDS: Southern slopes of Fruska Gora; altitude 230-350 m; north-south exposure.

CHARACTERISTICS: The wine is straw-yellow with reflection of crystal clearness, recognizable by the striking aromas of tropical fruits and elegant citrus tones, as well as by smooth texture and energetic freshness with grapefruit notes in the finish.

SERVING: The fragrance and flavor range will best be felt if you drink it chilled at a temperature of 10-12 ° C.

FOOD: Spring and summer salads, fish and seafood, risotto, cream paste, white meat with dressings, soft cheeses

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