Clear Plum Brandy Brka Simex

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1 l, 45% alc.

Crystal clear and pure plum brandy Slivovitz that was aged in stainless containers. The brandy was distilled from the ripe plum fruit. Stronger than usual in alcohol, it bears the name and the mark „Brka“- the man with the mustache.

The alcohol is born from the fruit solely. The fruit is fermented usually for 3 weeks. No artificial additives are added. The mass of fermented fruit is then distilled, usually in the distilling pots of 100 L volume. The fermented mass is heated in the distilling pot and the alcoholic vapors are liberated. The evaporation of alcohol is then cooled and it becomes liquid brandy.


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It reminds of vodka by its purity and clearness, but bears the charcteristics of a fruit brandy. It has balanced aroma and its acids and alcohols are homogeneus.


Simex Destilerija

One of the largest fruit brandy (rakija) producers Simex from Serbia was founded in 1991. It distills and produces over 60 different brands of alcoholic beverages, like plum and grape brandy, bitters and liqueurs. The ripe fruit is distilled in large capacities using the modern technology. The technology processes are in accordance with the highest European and world standards. Quality controls are performed in ISO and TÜV system.


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