Rubin Vinjak VS 1L

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Vinjak VS is a special kind of beverage.

1 l, 40% alc.

Grape-based brandy similar to cognac, vinjak is very popular in ex-Yugoslavia.

Made by mixing various wine distillates and aged in oak barrels of 500l. Brandy was once produced under the name of cognac, is very similar to it, even has the same system of rating (VS, VSOP and XO). One of the most popular drinks of ex-Yugoslavia. Enriched with caramel colour.


grape Brandy wood barrel fresh brandy brandy glass tawny cold Brandy Aperitiv drink

about brandy decent 3 / 5
Nice sophisticated aroma, very similar to cognac, althogh it doesn’t have cognac’s sharpeness and fruity remains. It is a bit softer than expected.


Rubin Distillery

bar code 8600074210255 Vignac Rubin VS
bar code 8600074210255

Wine disitlerry Rubin is situated in Central Serbia region and is one of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages and wines in Serbia. This vignac is its main and most popular beverage.


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