Cognac Vignac Old Oak Limited Quantity 5 Years Old

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0,7 l, 40% alc.

Deep and complex cognac from Central Serbia aged for 5 years, with dominant notes of vanilla and chocolate, strong and full, compared to the best cognacs of the world.

Complexity, harmony and mildness of the cognac-vignac are a result of the 5 years old aging in the family cellars, in specially designed and chosen oak barrells.



about brandy recommended 4 / 5
It definitely has a character. You can’t be indifferent to it. A bit buttery at the ending, mild and harmonious, I’ve even become addicted to it.


Stari hrast

Stari hrast”, i.e. The Old Oak is a small, family owned winery and distille. in the middle of the family’s wineyards stands a three-hundred-years old oak that is a symbol of family Stevanovic and their long tradition in production of wines and brandies recognized by its quality in Serbia and abroad. The whole production is organized in traditional way, but by the latest technology and under control of top enologists. Such approach resulted with top quality drinks that are more times awarded at various domestic and international competitions.


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