Crown Grape Brandy

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Colourless hard alcoholic grape brandy of Montenegro with mild pomace fragrance afterwards

0.75 l, 50% alc.

Distilled in traditional way

Made in small volume copper vats in the manner in which it had been made in Montenegro for centuries. Distillation runs very slowly with good cooling in order to achieve better quality. It is only middle fraction ("heart") of the destillate that is separated, laying down in the vats of the inert materials 1- 2 years at least. It is particularly characterized by the small content of methanol, because a Vranac grape variety contains it in a very small quantity.



about brandy recommended 4 / 5
Outstanding. Mild and hard at the same time with specific grape odor, heavy for palate, at the first sight hostile to the stomach... But only at first sight.


Plantaze Montenegro Distillery

bar code 38990034035 Crown Grape Brandy
bar code 38990034035

The largest Montenegrin producer of wines and grape brandies. Owning huge plantations of grapes, especially famous variety Vranac, Plantaze Podgorica is best known for its wines: Vranac, Vranac ProCordem, Sauvignon, etc. Their 3 grape brandies make the top of fruit brandies in Southeastern Europe.


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